Guitar Modes Method for all Scales (November 2013)

Guitar modes method may be applied to all scales to make them easy to learn and play, including their modes.

We have aquired a huge list of scales collated by Tommy Smith,

The scales will all be collated on the Lesson page using the GM in progress.

Diminished Scales and Chords (August 2013)

Guitar modes gives you a simple method to understand and play Diminished Scales, chords and modes across the fret board.

The Diminished chord is conventionally taught by using the Major scale as a basis then notes are adjusted using Flats.
We use scales and their modes, Sharps or Flats are not used.

A straight diminished chord can be made from the 7th, 2nd and 4th note of the major scale.

Hexatonic Scales 6 Note Scales (August 2013)

Guitar modes provides a simple method that is allied to convention allowing you to play 6 note scales across the fret board.

The way we attain a 6 note scale is to reduce the major scale from 7 notes to 6 notes.
We describe this by dropping the 7th note from the Major scale.

Naming notes for chord construction (August 2013)

Guitar modes method provides a simple way to construct chords using a number formula.

We can construct chords in any key, by using numbers instead of note names for the notes in a scale.

This information is important to learn because it allows you to construct chords for song writing and to communicate with other musicians no matter which instrument they play.

See how easily it is done o

Two Note Patterns from the Pentatonic Scale to Navigate the Fret Board (July 2013)

Guitar modes method leads to many possible ways to navigate the fret board.

Using our 2 note method allows for some very interesting outcomes.

The 1st note of the Pentatonic scale is played on one string and the 2nd note is played on the next string.

The 2nd note of the Pentatonic scale is played on one string and the 3rd note is played on the next string.

By continuing these 2 note sh

Pentatonic Modes (July 2013)

Guitar modes has a method to analyse and apply Pentatonic modes.

Pentatonic modes are derived from modes of the Major scale.
Remember guitar modes teaches how to play across the fret board.

Guitar Modes Four Notes Per String for Legato Style (April 2013)

Guitar modes method gives you the notes to achieve 4 notes per string.

Legato: There is no silence between the note that has been played and the start of the following note.

This is done mainly by hammer on and pull off techniques on the guitar.

Guitar Modes for the Pentatonic Scale (April 2013)

Guitar modes looks at the Major Pentatonic scale.

All scales have modes.

The C Major scale has 7 modes.
The C Major Pentatonic scale has 5 modes.

There are 5 modes of the Major Pentatonic scale.

The 5th mode of the Major Pentatonic scale, is called the minor Pentatonic scale.

7 Ways to Play the Major Scale Across the Fretboard (April 2013)

The Major scale does not have to be played using the same pattern each time.

Guitarmodes method allows you to use different patterns, therefore allowing you to have more variety in your playing.

The method also gives you the key for combining modes or changing modes as you choose.

This is not a new task, it is just another outcome when you use the method as a foundation for your guitar th

West Coast Jump Blues Chromatic Notes (March 2013)

Some essential knowledge for you to consider when developing this style is the place in the scales where you use chromatic notes.

Three scales that are commonly used in combination are the Major scale the Major Pentatonic Scale and the minor Pentatonic scale.

If you know these scales well you can overlay them in the key that the song is in.

There are notes in between the scale notes.

Blues Chord Riff (March 2013)

A riff that is used a lot in blues and jazz styles is a simple slide in the key of G from G9th chord to Gmaj6th and back to G9th.

When you go to the 4 chord you may play the C9th chord to Cmaj6th chord and back to C9th.

The Cmajor6th chord is usually named as just C6th.

The C9th chord is an extension of the C7th chord.

Guitarmodes method Lesson page teaches you how to build chords from

Pentatonic 2 Note Across the Fretboard Method (March 2013)

Guitar modes provides a two note pattern that gives you the knowledge to play the Pentatonic scale in all 5 modes across the fretboard.

This method will give the player a new approach to Pentatonic scales therefore adding to a variation in playing style.

The fretboard is covered in puzzles we work them out and make them available to you on the lesson page, saving many hours of searching.

Guitar Harmony, Combining 3rd and 5th Double Stop Harmony (Feb 2013)

This is a great improvisation tool.

Using the C major scale.

Learn your:

1 3, 2 4, 3 5, 4 6, 5 7, 6 1, 7 2. 3rd harmoies.


1 5, 2 6, 3 7, 4 1, 5 2, 6 3, 7 4. 5th harmonies.

Now combine them up the fretboard.

Like this:

Use G sting B string and E 1st string.

Start with 5 on the open G string.

Modes and Chords of the Pentatonic Scale (January 2013)

Often Major and minor Pentatonic scales are discussed as separate identities.

The minor Pentatonic scale is actually a mode of the Major Pentatonic scale.

Take 5 applicable degrees/notes from the Major scale, they are,
1 2 3 5 and 6.
4 and 7 of the Major scale are not used.

Looking at the 5 modes of the Major Pentatonic scale, that is,
Mode 1: 1 2 3 5 6, 1.

Major and Minor Pentatonic Scales Played Together (December 2012)

Major and minor Pentatonic scales are often used together.
Johnny B.


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