Teaching Modes for Guitar, A Work Tool (July 2010)

Guitar modes offers a method for teachers to explain modes and how to apply them. Not just modes from the major scale but modes of all scales.

Arpeggios Explained (June 2010)

Guitar modes method on the Lesson page gives you the knowledge to play all Arpeggios for all scales and their modes used for sweep picking across the fretboard. You will find this to be a simple process.

Guitar Lesson Questionaire Free Online Offer (June 2010)

Your opinion is important to the guitar teaching industry. You will receive a free package for your input.

What are the difficulties and improvements that you feel may be made in learning/teaching scales, modes, boxes, CAGED system, chord structure, theory etc.?

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Wholetone Scale Explained (June 2010)

The Wholetone scale is also known as the Augmented scale. Guitarmodes gives you a method to play this scale across the fretboard. Actually, this scale is very simple so you may feel you do not need a method.

There are 7 notes. Each note of the scale may be considered as the starting root note of the scale.

The Altered Scale Explained (June 2010)

Guitarmodes allows you to play all modes of the harmonic minor scale in a few minutes without the use of sharps or flats.

The altered scale. eg. C alt scale, is the seventh mode of the harmonic minor scale.

The word altered meaning that most of the notes in the scale have been made sharp or flat.


Tonal Centre Explained (June 2010)

The purpose of the Tonal Centre concept is to train your ear to be able locate a particular note that would be the route note in a scale.
Centre, refers to the route note of a scale having notes higher and lower.

C A G E D System Explained (May 2010)

The C A G E D system is mainly used to play the same chord along the fretboard using shapes of the open chords.
You could consider each of the shapes to be inversions of the C chord as you move up the neck.

It also assists with locating the positions for the major scale (in this case the C major scale).

Guitar Modes Method Boxes Disappear (June 2010)

Boxes and C A G E D patterns disappear when you apply the Guitarmodes method.

An analogy:-

Think of dots and box shapes as fretboard diagrams then think of a road map.

Map = Fretboard
Shires = Boxes or C A G E D system
Towns = Dots
Roads = My method (Guitarmodes method)
Driver = Guitarist
Drive = Play

The shires (boxes) on a map (fretboard) indicate an area of towns (dots).

Check out Ty Quinns site (May 2010)

Safe to copy and paste the domain address to your browser.

Clear explantions.

Layering Scales and Modulation (May 2010)

Guitarmodes method provides for instant layering of modes and scales.

Learn Guitar with 7 Numbers (May 2010)

Guitarmodes has the key. If you have ever tried to unlock a door with the right key, it works every time.
We have created the right key,7.

You can learn everything about the guitar with 7 numbers as the basis.

Guitar Modes: Scale, Harmony, Chord Method (May 2010)

Guitarmodes method forms a basis to build your playing knowledge around Scales, Harmony, Chords or Tonal Centre. You have a great advantage if you use all four concepts to improvise across the entire fretboard. They are easily accessible using our copyright method.

Learn the scales, then learn the harmonies and chord structure based on those scales. You will find it all on our Lesson page.

Skype Guitar Scales and Modes Lessons (May 2010) Sorry, English language only is offering Skype Video guitar lessons.
You will learn to play all scales fluently across the fretboard with our simple unique method.
These lessons will give you the knowledge and ablity to comprehend all lessons on the internet and in books.

Lesson A

Major scale and all modes.
Ionian, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian, Locrian.
You will have the knowl

Harmony for Harmonic Minor Scale (New Lesson May 2010)

Guitarmodes has another FIRST for teaching harmony or double stops for the Harmonic minor scale including harmonies for all modes of the scale. If you do a Google search you will see there are very few guitar sites in the results related to this subject.

Guitar Mode Patterns are Your Choice (April 2010)

Guitar modes offers a method that produces a large number of ways to play all scales easily across the fretboard.

Once you have learnt using the initial method, required for consistency, you may move on to chosing a myriad of ways to get across the fretboard. All of these patterns, based on the Guitarmodes method, are extremely simple.


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