Modes, No Guitar or Music Experience Required (March 2010)

Never have we heard such a statement from any formal music teacher, lesson book, guitar magazine, internet lesson sites.

Guitarmodes has created a new copyright method that can withstand any criticism offered to the statement. Please feel free to challenge our statement. (click on Contact to the right).

Guitar Chords Explained Free Lesson (March 2010)

Guitar chords are created from the notes of the scale you are playing, keeping in mind that we can bend, slur or slide to notes that are between frets. This is to embellish the notes when playing a solo. We leave them out when creating a chord.

Guitar Modes Lesson Structure for Teachers (March 2010)

Lessons must follow a structured format. Guitarmodes method follows a set of steps to explain and deliver the lesson. No previous knowledge of scales will be required by the student.

Lesson 1


Learn Modes (March 2010)

Learn modes, understand modes, play modes. At Guitar Modes, we have developed a completely new method to teach students and advanced players how to recognise all scales and note names across the entire fretboard.

Learning the Guitar Fretboard, Note Mapping (NEW Lesson Feb 2010)

Complete knowledge of the fretboard is one of the major outcomes when learning the Guitarmodes method.

The Guitarmodes method is based on numbers (degrees), you will follow the unique number patterns easily across the fretboard. It is just a matter of changing the repeated numbers to note names. That's it, all frets, all strings.

Understanding Guitar Modes (Feb 2010)

Web lessons sites and video lessons sites know of modes to be difficult to understand. Well, no longer. Modes are not at all difficult to understand or teach using our new method.

Guitar Modes Road Map (Feb 2010)

Guitar modes method may be considered similar to following the lines that join the dots (towns) together on a road map.
We are given the dots showing the positions of notes across the fretboard. Now, Guitarmodes provides a new method that will allow you to join the dots and obtain advanced knowledge at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

A recent example Feb.

Teachers and Institution License (Feb 2010)

Guitarmodes is offering a long term usage for access to the lesson page by formal accredited teachers and institutions, world wide.
The license agreement will still require access to be restricted to an agreed practicle number of students, this needs to be implemented to avoid publication of passwords.
Copyright laws are required to be adhered to.

Locating Chords within the Modes (NEW Lesson JAN 2010)

Guitarmodes provides an option to locate chords within each mode on our lesson page. Once again we do not use terminology such as "flatten the 3rd" or "flatten the 7th". We use degrees of scales (numbers) and not just the major scale.
The method is also unique and yet, allies with formal theory.

Guitar Modes Explained (May 2010)

Explained guitar modes. Select a key, C, play the C major scale. Then for each mode, start and finish on each degree of the C major scale. C to C, D to D, E to E, F to F, G to G, A to A, B to B.

Go to the Lesson page, learn how to play the major scale and modes across the entire fretboard in a few minutes.(do not get stuck at this point) Then proceed with the following information.

Guitar Modes and Scales (April 2010)

Scales and guitar modes are utilised as a basis for melody, improvisation and linking chords. A student may develop the knowledge with a formal approach either by private or institutional means.

The private teacher approach would allow for an agreement between the teacher and the student as to the lessons being formal (classic) or informal.

Guitar Modes Chart

The simplest constuctive method for learning modes for the guitar is not by using charts with masses of dots. Guitarmodes provides simple shapes that take minutes to learn.
Push a button, here is your Dorian mode across the fretboard, is not the way to go for most students. The chart method can take many months. The system is freely available and is not a simplified method.

Guitar Modes Diagram

Guitarmodes will provide you with simple diagrams.

The outcome will be for you to play across the fretboard straight away.
Another benefit will be for you to recognise the modes that any other lesson from the internet or book is describing.

Guitar Modes Tab

Guitarmodes method provides tab, musical notation, MIDI, Flash pictures and a verbal discription to aid in learning the method, although the pictures make the method obvious.

Guitar Modes Theory

Guitarmodes theory method does not use note names, sharps or flats, half steps or whole steps, tone, tone semi tone even modal names are not necessary when learning this method. (Guitar modes without theory).


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