Learn Guitar with 7 Numbers (May 2010)

Guitarmodes has the key. If you have ever tried to unlock a door with the right key, it works every time.
We have created the right key,7.

You can learn everything about the guitar with 7 numbers as the basis.

Guitar Modes: Scale, Harmony, Chord Method (May 2010)

Guitarmodes method forms a basis to build your playing knowledge around Scales, Harmony, Chords or Tonal Centre. You have a great advantage if you use all four concepts to improvise across the entire fretboard. They are easily accessible using our copyright method.

Learn the scales, then learn the harmonies and chord structure based on those scales. You will find it all on our Lesson page.

Skype Guitar Scales and Modes Lessons (May 2010) Sorry, English language only is offering Skype Video guitar lessons.
You will learn to play all scales fluently across the fretboard with our simple unique method.
These lessons will give you the knowledge and ablity to comprehend all lessons on the internet and in books.

Lesson A

Major scale and all modes.
Ionian, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian, Locrian.
You will have the knowl

Harmony for Harmonic Minor Scale (New Lesson May 2010)

Guitarmodes has another FIRST for teaching harmony or double stops for the Harmonic minor scale including harmonies for all modes of the scale. If you do a Google search you will see there are very few guitar sites in the results related to this subject.

Guitar Mode Patterns are Your Choice (April 2010)

Guitar modes offers a method that produces a large number of ways to play all scales easily across the fretboard.

Once you have learnt using the initial method, required for consistency, you may move on to chosing a myriad of ways to get across the fretboard. All of these patterns, based on the Guitarmodes method, are extremely simple.

Guitar Mode Patterns (April 2010)

Mode patterns give you a way to traverse the fretboard. Once you have mastered them they are never forgotten. You will not have to practice them once you have reached this stage. Just incorporate them with variation into your playing. Learn new patterns constantly.

An accomplished drummer will develop a new pattern then keep it under their belt until it is time to use it.

Guitar Modes and Fretboard Knowledge Revolusionised (April 2010)

The modern guitarist now has a method to learn the fretboard and modes in one lesson at beginner level.

Without prejudice to other web sites and with the greatest respect to conventional theory teaching methods.

Guitar Modes Extended Lesson Period to 30 Days (April 2010)

Guitarmodes has now extended the lesson period from 10 days to 30 days. We have found that lesson purchasers do not find the time to look through all lessons.

The guitar modes lesson only takes a few minutes for a teacher or capable student to comprehend.

Modes, No Guitar or Music Experience Required (March 2010)

Never have we heard such a statement from any formal music teacher, lesson book, guitar magazine, internet lesson sites.

Guitarmodes has created a new copyright method that can withstand any criticism offered to the statement. Please feel free to challenge our statement. (click on Contact to the right).

Guitar Chords Explained Free Lesson (March 2010)

Guitar chords are created from the notes of the scale you are playing, keeping in mind that we can bend, slur or slide to notes that are between frets. This is to embellish the notes when playing a solo. We leave them out when creating a chord.

Guitar Modes Lesson Structure for Teachers (March 2010)

Lessons must follow a structured format. Guitarmodes method follows a set of steps to explain and deliver the lesson. No previous knowledge of scales will be required by the student.

Lesson 1


Learn Modes (March 2010)

Learn modes, understand modes, play modes. At Guitar Modes, we have developed a completely new method to teach students and advanced players how to recognise all scales and note names across the entire fretboard.

Learning the Guitar Fretboard, Note Mapping (NEW Lesson Feb 2010)

Complete knowledge of the fretboard is one of the major outcomes when learning the Guitarmodes method.

The Guitarmodes method is based on numbers (degrees), you will follow the unique number patterns easily across the fretboard. It is just a matter of changing the repeated numbers to note names. That's it, all frets, all strings.

Understanding Guitar Modes (Feb 2010)

Web lessons sites and video lessons sites know of modes to be difficult to understand. Well, no longer. Modes are not at all difficult to understand or teach using our new method.

Guitar Modes Road Map (Feb 2010)

Guitar modes method may be considered similar to following the lines that join the dots (towns) together on a road map.
We are given the dots showing the positions of notes across the fretboard. Now, Guitarmodes provides a new method that will allow you to join the dots and obtain advanced knowledge at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

A recent example Feb.


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